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Wealth Management and Financial Planning focused on your future.

Based in Coleraine, Gibson Financial Planning is an award-winning company that provides specialist financial services for people approaching retirement and for those who are already retired.  Offering a personalised service, our independent financial advisers will assist with everything from retirement planning to investment advice.

Our goal is ultimately to give you complete peace of mind about your financial future. Our team can subsequently help reduce what you pay in tax and increase what you have to spend on the things you enjoy, while ensuring you never run out of money.


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How it works:

We get to know each other

We listen to what matters most to you about your future. Everyone has different priorities and we’ll work out exactly how you stand financially based on your existing investments, policies and spending patterns. We’ll show you how this matches up to your hopes for your future.

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We create a financial plan, unique to you

This ensures that you will be able to secure the future you want. We’ll show you what needs to be done to ensure that your money works for you to ensure that you can enjoy your lifestyle without worry about what might happen down the line.

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Keep track of your portfolio anytime anywhere

Via your smartphone, tablet, computer or by lifting the phone or dropping into the office.

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We meet for annual “on track” review meetings

We keep in touch regularly and the annual meeting gives you confidence that all your financial affairs are in order and keeps us up to date with any changes to your circumstances. We’ll show you whether or not you are on target to achieve your goals.

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We are proud to carry the double-circle Accredited Financial Planning Firm mark which says we are accredited by the Institute of Financial Planning (IFP), the professional body for Financial Planning in the UK

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David's Profile

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David Gibson

LLB, CFPcm Chartered MCSI, MAQ, CeRER, DipPFS.

A regular expert commentator in the national and financial press, David previously graduated from Queen’s University, Belfast with a law degree, before joining the family firm in 2001. Since then, he’s continued to develop his professional skills, obtaining both Certified Financial Planner – globally recognised as the symbol of excellence in the financial planning industry – and Chartered Wealth Manager which recognises CISI members at the pinnacle of their profession.

In 2015, David was shortlisted in the Young Financial Adviser of the Year 2015 and Financial Adviser of the Year 2015 categories in the annual awards. He was also commended in second place as Young Financial Adviser of the Year in the 2014 awards.

Meanwhile, Gibson Financial Planning Ltd was also shortlisted in the Best Adviser (Scotland and Northern Ireland) category in Professional Adviser’s annual awards both in 2015 and 2016, and the firm has UK top-rated adviser status on

David is a professional member of the Chartered Insurance Institute, the Personal Finance Society, the Institute of Financial Planning and the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment. As director of a family-owned business committed to nurturing the local community, he’s also chairperson of the Oasis Causeway steering group. Oasis Causeway is a Coleraine-based charity which provides emotional and practical support to help people rebuild their lives after circumstantial change, trauma or crisis.

A keen cyclist, he is an active member of the local Bann Wheelers Cycle Club and also enjoys motorcycle trips when petrol power is preferred over a pair of pedals.

“In an industry that struggles to adopt change, David Gibson stands out as an innovative business owner who embraces change and seeks new opportunities to develop his organisation in all aspects. His clients will be all the better for it!”

Nicholas Redfern, True Potential LLP


Our Clients

At Gibson Financial Planning, we specialise in working with retirees, or those approaching retirement, ensuring you have complete peace of mind about your financial future.

Having spent their working lives accumulating wealth and raising families, our clients have very different priorities compared to much younger people. They want to protect their finances and ensure they have enough to last their lifetime.

When you retire, it’s important to make smart decisions about your money, including how best to access pension funds and in many cases, how to take Income Tax efficiently from your investment portfolio. Gibson Financial Planning will help you with every aspect of this, drawing up a complete financial plan that serves your best interests.

Your financial adviser will:

  • Consider all of your available assets
  • Explain how these assets can help you achieve the future you want
  • Work out how much money you’re going to need over your lifetime
  • Establish when you plan to spend your money – most people spend more in the early years of retirement, when they’re generally more active
  • Help decide how you can leave money behind for the next generation in the most tax-efficient way
  • Ensure you have the resources for any future care costs


With years of experience, Gibson Financial Planning offers everything you need for managing your money effectively during retirement. We also provide an initial no-obligation consultation, so if you’re not yet a client, we encourage you to make use of this and see if the services we provide are right for you.

If you decide to move forward with us, we’ll subsequently guide you through every part of your retirement planning process, helping you to make informed decisions and acting as trustworthy stewards of your finances.


Our Services

Gibson Financial Planning provides expert independent financial advice for those approaching or already in retirement, devising an effective investment strategy to safeguard your financial future. We’ll help you plan what to do with your finances over your remaining lifetime, helping you achieve the standard of living you desire and ensuring you never run out of money.

We offer free initial consultations for our clients’ convenience and our services – which are unique within the Causeway Coast area – are provided by an efficient and friendly team. We can help with:


Our Investment Philosophy

Why Invest?

Not everyone will decide, or indeed need, to invest, but it makes sense to be informed about the benefits of investment and how it might be of use, before dismissing it.

With everyone now living longer and working longer, it’s never been more important to make our money work for us, and investment is one way of achieving this. Consider your money in terms of food storage: some you’ll keep in the larder for immediate consumption, some in the fridge for easy access, and some in the freezer, for the future.

At Gibson Financial Planning, we understand there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to investing, but we’ll help you work out what’s suited to your own individual circumstances. Whether it’s investing in the stock market, saving in a bank or building society, or anything else, we’ll ensure you always make informed decisions. With us, you can rest assured your financial portfolio will always be designed with your goals and needs in mind, so you can enjoy a secure future.

Our investment philosophy

Making prudent decisions about your assets and building on what you have is key to securing your financial future. Research shows that the long-term investor will ultimately be rewarded for investing their capital into the system.


Call us today on 028 7035 1164 for help with retirement planning, or to book a free initial consultation.