Our Services

Gibson Financial Planning provides expert independent financial advice for those approaching or already in retirement, devising an effective investment strategy to safeguard your financial future. We’ll help you plan what to do with your finances over your remaining lifetime, helping you achieve the standard of living you desire and ensuring you never run out of money.

We offer free initial consultations for our clients’ convenience and our services – which are unique within the Causeway Coast area – are provided by an efficient and friendly team. We can help with:


Our GFP Lifestyle, GFP Lifestyle Plus and GFP Invest packages are designed to give you peace of mind about your future and are personalised to address your specific needs.

Your Lifestyle Plan will ensure that your investments, pensions and other policies are aligned with your circumstances, objectives and any legislative changes which impact upon your planning. Most importantly, they provide reassurance that you’ll achieve your goals and maintain your chosen lifestyle in retirement.

Our Packages Offer

  • Lifestyle Planning
  • 24 hour access to your portfolio via your own personal web-site which we create for you
  • Integration with your online banking accounts so you see everything in one place
  • Mobile Apps for Android and Apple devices
  • Access to our support team as well as your adviser
  • Portfolio Rebalancing in line with your asset allocation and risk profile
  • On – going expert support
  • Professional expertise and governance embedded into our investment processes
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Regular email updates

When it comes to creating your bespoke financial plan, we follow a clearly defined process that’s both thorough and effective. At the outset, we’ll establish your life goals, considering the short, medium and long-term, before evaluating your assets and liabilities and determining your present financial position.

This will allow us to compare your current situation with your overall plans, helping us create a ‘route map’ for achieving these goals. Once this is in place, we can then apply the necessary changes and put your plan into action, monitoring and reviewing it each year and adjusting it where necessary.

From experience, we know that our clients stand a better chance of fulfilling their life goals if they can consider every aspect of their finances. However, we understand that some clients may only want advice in one particular area and we can do this upon request, as part of our Focused Advice service.

At Gibson Financial Planning, we aim to be your trusted source of advice in all things financial.

Call us today on 028 7035 1164 for more details about our independent financial advice, or to book a free initial consultation.

Client Testimonial

“My connection with Gibson Financial Planning Ltd goes back over 10 years. David has provided me with excellent financial advice and in particular investment and retirement planning. I would recommend GFP to anyone who values expert and reliable advice..”

Sylvia Sitati Ogonda, PR Mentor

**Gibson Financial Planning Ltd does not accept responsibility for taxation advice and specific matters should be referred to your accountant